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Improve the quality and quantity of your harvest, achieving the highest return on your investment.

Proven results

We achieve high profitability in our customer's wheat fields validated by official trials.

Faced with increasingly unstable conditions due to climate change, we decided to help mitigate its effects with the help of our technical experts and the application of the GRAINFOL LINE, achieving our objective.

What we did

In the face of adverse weather conditions worldwide, due to climate change, there is a fear of loosing the harvest.

We decided to validate the effect of the GRAINFOL range with the help of our technical engineers, improving the development of the plant and its defenses against the stress caused, obtaining a yield compared to the control (>+500kg/ha*).

At the end of the process

The effect was positive, we increased their yields more than 500 kg/ha*.

We increase their income by more than 200 euros/ha*, a profit far higher than the cost of the product.

Source: Wheat prices according to the EU Crop Market Observatory.

* These values are subject to many variables beyond our control, so Lida Plant Research cannot always guarantee that these results will be achieved.

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